New Isar-Amperwerke Headquarters

On Boschetsrieder Straße, about 7 km southwest of the centre of Munich, an office and commercial centre was to be built. Due to its location on the outskirts of Munich, the areas of work, leisure and services were physically very far apart at that time. The ACCUMULATA concept integrated all the important components that determine people’s everyday lives under one roof. Thus, the workplace of the future had such important components as purchasing and service opportunities. With the issuance of the legally binding development plan, ACCUMULATA’s project development contract was completed and the realisation of the project would have been possible. The planned construction was not carried out due to the sale of the Isar-Amperwerke to EON. This was followed by the sale of the land including building rights to EON. Decades later, ACCUMULATA bought the land again and developed the AM SÜDPARK district.
Project type: Project / building right development
Planned use: New headquarters Isar-Amperwerke
Project duration: 1992 to 1995
Planned floor area: 200,000 m²
Property: 100.000 m²
Buyer of the property incl. building right: EON