Palais an der Oper Palais an der Oper Palais an der Oper Palais an der Oper
Situated at the heart of the historic Munich Old Town, the Palais an der Oper is a building ensemble of outstanding quality that meets the most exclusive demands. The newly built sections and the restoration of existing structures, created attractive spaces in the luxury segment for shops, offices, professional practices, residential units, restaurants and catering. As part of this project, the listed building façades will regain their original splendour. The Palais an der Oper is located in close proximity to the National Theatre and the „Royal Residence“ in one of Europe‘s prime inner city locations.

Developer and investor: Accumulata and LBBW Immobilien GmbH
Floor space: around 23,000 m²

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Palais an der Oper