ACCUMULATA is a private, independent real estate company founded in 1982 with a focus on development as well as asset and investment management. We develop and manage state-of-the-art properties and districts with landmark character which  shape the future of our cities.

We consider and develop every real estate project or investment comprehensively with regard to its entire life cycle. Sustainability and resilient strategies are the main focus  of our actions.

In this way, ACCUMULATA creates crisis-resistant investment products that are equipped for the future.

We believe in the future of cities and want to help shape it

Thinking ahead for urban living spaces: as an independent real estate company, we see ourselves as responsible for a sustainable future for cities and their people.

ACCUMULATA stands for outstanding real estate solutions that think about tomorrow today. For concepts that are smart, green and liveable for the people who use them. For space that is holistically conceived and future-oriented. And for neighbourhoods that can stand the test of time as excellent investments and long-term values.



In almost 40 years of company history, many anecdotes worth telling have emerged about our company. The following five highlights show that ACCUMULATA has always been characterised by a combination of down-to-earth attitude, pioneering spirit and innovative strength.
And this applies: in the past as well as today!

INVENTOR OF THE "Shopping-Box"

Pioneers of urban development. That is what we are. Urban living space constantly needs new ideas and changes that not only influence our lives, but improve them. Keyword e-commerce: The Packstation has established itself on the market as the economical and attractive logistics solution for bridging the last mile – the delivery of goods to the end customer. So as early as 1989, we realised a completely new form of service with the worldwide patent of the Shopping Box: Shopping around the clock, despite the current law on shop closing hours. Goods ordered by phone or fax were deposited in the Shopping Box, where they could be picked up at any time – regardless of opening hours. The innovation on the subject of Packstation thus comes from ACCUMULATA.


Feng Shui. This is the name of the Daoist theory of harmony. Today the principle is widely known as Wellbeing. We were one of the first project developers to recognise the importance of the idea for buildings: Wellbeing oases bring out the best in us. In 2003, we therefore created the first European office ensemble according to Feng Shui criteria with the six-storey Aviva. Our credo still applies today: courage for more harmony, a feel-good atmosphere and thus more creative work.


The realignment of the real estate industry based on ESG and sustainability criteria is new territory for many market players. For us, however, it has always been a must. Since our founding almost 40 years ago, we have been developing buildings according to sustainable criteria and linking city and nature. Sustainability therefore means more to us than a green roof. The use of ecological building materials was practically in our DNA: our first office was in a house made of wood. Since then, our buildings have created real added value – socially, economically and ecologically. For more and authentic sustainability in more liveable cities.


The transformation of large-volume retail properties is one of the biggest tasks facing the real estate industry. Many of our competitors only became aware of the problem in the crisis year 2020. Since 2015, however, we have been working intensively on the question of how large-volume retail properties can be transformed into a new future. Through projects such as the Forum Steglitz in Berlin, the Mona or the Elisenhof in Munich, we are pioneers in this segment. Conversion and repositioning are therefore not terra incognita for us, but an integral part of our portfolio. We have been doing for years what others have been talking about for a short time.


As a traditional Munich company, we have close ties to our home city and our strong home market. We see ourselves as ambassadors of Bavarian culture and joie de vivre. The “Stüberl” in our Munich office is an expression of this. But what would a Stüberl be without the right beer? With ACCUMULATOR, a strong beer speciality, we therefore celebrate the Bavarian art of brewing in connection with our name. But that’s not all: as a founding member of the Cincinnati Restaurant Group, a franchise partner of Hofbräu München in the USA, the ACCUMULATA Group is helping to raise the international profile of Munich’s export hit “Hofbräuhaus”.