Our values are not just a collection of words that look good on the wall: they were developed together as a team and shape our professional and personal actions. Our values express what we stand for as a company, what we identify with and how we live our corporate culture.

Go the extra mile

For our goal of making urban spaces more sustainable and liveable, we like to go to our limits – and beyond.

Think big

Only those who think big can achieve big goals. We think ahead and have the courage to implement our visions.

Live green

A sustainable life is our top priority. We accept restrictions for a future worth living.

Be reliable

Our word counts – fair and respectful dealings are a matter of course.
Long-term partnerships take precedence over short-term success.


Our team is our greatest asset!
We create the framework so that everyone can develop optimally and contribute their strengths.
Each individual takes responsibility for the result.


We roll up our sleeves and get to work. To achieve the desired result, we are not afraid of any work.

Be creative

We are always looking for creative solutions that lead to win-win situations for all parties involved.
We think out-of-the-box, are open to new approaches and brave enough to try something new – without forgetting the tried and tested.

Stay advanced

We never stop learning and always want to get better. In doing so, we continuously question our processes and beliefs.

Never give up

We fight for success and want to win. We take defeats sportingly and learn from them.

Take responsibility

We dare to make decisions and stand by them.
We are entrepreneurs and not slackers.
We always have an owner’s perspective and treat the capital entrusted to us as our own.

Be excited

Enthusiasm, passion and joy. In the end, we are always proud to have been part of what has been created.

Think innovative

Helping to shape trends at an early stage is part of our DNA.
Setting new standards is our goal.