ACCUMULATA – that’s currently about 60 colleagues who combine experience and sound professional competence with dynamism, efficiency and out-of-the-box thinking. Who are only satisfied with the best of all solutions. With the spirit that shows our ethical standards, entrepreneurial values and passion for the task. Always on board: mutual trust and a sense of “we”. Flat hierarchies and maximum performance. Short decision-making processes and strategies that are sustainable in the long term.

Konstantin Hähndel Managing Director | Investment Management

Delia Hussler Project Assistant

Maria Genis Analyst

Anne Hollaender Assistant Quartiersmanagement

Kilian Burkholz Associate

Bettina Stadler Managing Director | Services

Andrea Härter Project Manager

Maximilian Christ Smart Solution Manager

Lisa Michel Executive Assistant

Maida Korinteli Assistant

Moritz Dilbat Associate Director

Lena Hacklberger Project Assistant

Klemen Domjan Project Manager

Malte Strunk Project Manager

Daniela Blascyk Associate

Sophie Gawinski Analyst

Paul Kindler Junior Project Manager

Jochen Ehmann Quartiersmanager

Simone Brummer Analyst

Nicole Noruschat Assistant

Maximilian Schad Analyst

Maximilian Thoma Analyst

Isabel Wehner Associate

Paul Welter Junior Project Manager

Yannis Schrott Technical Asset Manager

Stefanie Graham Director

Robert Harle Director

Thomas Niemann Associate Director

Michael Schüßler Director

Thomas D. Sterk Associate Director

Tobias Döscher Director | Head of Transaction Management

Jens Eikermann Senior Project Manager

Annette Hubeny Junior Project Manager

Stefan Schillinger Managing Partner

Lisa Ackermann Executive Assistant

Vanessa Andelshauser Executive Assistant AIV

Ramona Schellinger Head of Marketing & Communication

Ivan Prikopa Associate Director

Paul Popescu Analyst

Dorit Schillinger HR Manager

Johannes Hauke Associate

Philip Haß Executive Director

Bettina Nowak Assistant

Mart Friese Project Manager

Juljan Gudewill Project Manager

Sven Thomas Munck Senior Project Manager

Sophia Hahn Analyst

Stefan Stadler Managing Director | CFO

Luisa Hartmann Analyst

Markus Diegelmann Managing Partner

Steffen Lüdemann Director

Jana Kaufmann Project Assistant

Lena Drewes Sustainability Manager

Matthias Fischer Project Manager

Daniela Arnold Analyst