ACCUMULATA – that’s currently about 60 colleagues who combine experience and sound professional competence with dynamism, efficiency and out-of-the-box thinking. Who are only satisfied with the best of all solutions. With the spirit that shows our ethical standards, entrepreneurial values and passion for the task. Always on board: mutual trust and a sense of “we”. Flat hierarchies and maximum performance. Short decision-making processes and strategies that are sustainable in the long term.

Simone Brummer Analyst | Development

Markus Diegelmann Managing Partner

Stefan Stadler Managing Director | CFO

Klemen Domjan Project Manager

Lena Vincentelli Sustainability Manager

Matthias Fischer Project Manager

Marco Bindhardt Technischer Asset Manager

Philip Haß Executive Director

Thomas Niemann Director | Transaction Management

Sven Thomas Munck Senior Project Manager

Juljan Gudewill Project Manager

Annette Hubeny Junior Project Manager | Marketing

Paul Kindler Project Manager

Klaus Moroder Senior Project Manager

Tobias Döscher Managing Director

Sophie Gawinski Analyst | Development

Ramona Schellinger Head of Marketing & Communication

Clara Müller Junior Sustainability Manager

Maida Korinteli Project Assistant

Sandy Schwechheimer Assistant | Office Management

Michael Hahn Director | Technical Asset Management

Steffen Lüdemann Director | Head of Asset Management

Paul Popescu Associate | Transaction Management

Paul Welter Project Manager

Stefan Schillinger Managing Partner

Konstantin Hähndel Managing Director | Investment Management

Sophia Hahn Associate | Development

Luisa Hartmann Analyst | Asset Management

Johannes Hauke Associate | Leasing Management

Vanessa Andelshauser Executive Assistant AIV

Nicole Spensberger Project Assistant

Andrea Härter Project Manager | Marketing

Maximilian Schad Analyst | Development

Lisa Michel Executive Assistant

Jochen Ehmann Quartiersmanager

Robert Harle Director | Project Management

Delia Hussler Project Assistant

Dorit Schillinger HR Manager

Isabel Taller Associate | Asset Management

Krystian Trybanski Executive Assistant

Maximilian Christ Smart Solution Manager

Lisa Hofmann Assistant | Quartiersmanagement

Niklas Baldauf Director | Asset Management

Bettina Stadler Managing Director | Operations and People

Dr. Kilian Burkholz Associate | Development

Stefanie Graham Director

Helen Kolbe Junior Project Manager

Jana Kaufmann Project Assistant

Malte Strunk Project Manager

Michael Schüßler Director | Project Management

Lena Hacklberger Project Assistant

Maximilian Thoma Associate | Development

Moritz Dilbat Associate Director | Leasing Management